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Expand your business horizons with Arkoulis Latinamerican Liaison!

25 years of experience

Since 2015, we offer personalized and efficient services in Intellectual Property. With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in protecting your rights in Europe and Latin America.

We connect companies for product distribution, expanding your reach and finding new markets. Our strong network of contacts in both regions guarantees reliable and effective results.

Rely on our experience to maximize the value of your intellectual property and facilitate the distribution of your products. Power your business success in Latin America and the world!


At Arkoulis Latinamerican Liaison, our mission is to provide efficient and versatile services in Intellectual Property, Law and global product connection. We stand out for our speed and personalization, focusing on protecting our clients' rights and facilitating product distribution.


With extensive experience in these areas, we offer comprehensive services. As part of our commitment, we assist companies in their corporate expansion, especially in the Latin American region. At Arkoulis, we are committed to driving business success and protecting rights domestically and internationally.


Our goal is to strategically position ourselves as a leading firm in the field of outsourcing services and products worldwide. Strengthen our connections and legal knots to be able to provide through commitment and efficiency the best services to our clients.


We have forged strategic alliances in Central and South America, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Our values

At Arkoulis Latinamerican Liaison, our firm is based on high ethical principles and credibility. We value transparency, efficiency, loyalty, passion and attention to detail. These core values guide us in our intellectual property rights protection and global product liaison work. We maintain integrity in all our interactions, providing reliable and quality service to our clients. With Arkoulis, you can rely on our ethics and values to achieve solid, ethical business success.

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