Sarai Arkouli


Intellectual Property Expert with over 20 years of experience, Global Vision and Commitment to Excellence,

Sarai Arkouli is the founder and director of the boutique multidisciplinary firm Arkoulis, specializing in Intellectual Property. She has a professional career of more than two decades in the field of IP, Sarai Arkouli has established herself as a leading figure in the Latin American region, recognized for her extensive experience and strategic approach to protecting copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intangible assets.

Comprehensive advice and legal representation of excellence

At the helm of her firm, she leads a highly qualified team dedicated to providing excellent legal advice and representation to companies, businesses and individuals in matters of Intellectual Property. Her extensive experience allows her to offer a comprehensive service that includes everything from the registration and maintenance of trademarks and patents to representation in administrative and judicial proceedings, including processes for infringement of intellectual property rights and constant vigilance to protect the interests of its clients.

Global vision and commitment to excellence

Motivated by a vision of building bridges between Latin America and the world through IP.  Arkoulis boutique firm has established strong strategic alliances. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in every case she takes on, guaranteeing her clients a professional, exclusive and efficient service at a reasonable cost, with the most competitive rates in the market.

Areas of specialization:

  • Copyright and Related Rights.
  • Trademark and Patent Registration and Maintenance.
  • Filing and Intellectual Property Matters before the Courts in Administrative Proceedings (Administrative Litigation Law).
  • Administrative Process in Intellectual Property Infringement and Surveillance.

Awards and memberships:

  • First Central American woman to belong to the PWN and FICPI.
  • Member of various international intellectual property associations.

Sarai Arkouli is the ideal choice for companies, businesses and individuals seeking to protect their intangible assets and achieve their business goals through Intellectual Property.