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Synopsis «Green Business and Intellectual Property – New Challenges»

What are green companies?

They are companies that contemplate the economic activities in which goods or services are offered, that generate positive environmental impacts and also incorporate good environmental, social and economic practices with a focus on the life cycle, contributing to the conservation of the environment as natural capital that supports the development of the territory.

Characteristics that a green company must have:

  1. They are companies that are looking for other ways to dispose of their waste and, if possible, do not waste.
  2. It is possible for green companies in Mexico to improve the quality of life of people and many species. 3- They reduce pollution in their production process.
  3. Implement practices to mitigate climate change.
  4. They reduce their electricity consumption.
  5. They look for responsible means of distributing products and services.
  6. Sometimes they offer products or services with a low environmental impact.
  7. They recycle materials.
  8. They use biodegradable materials.
  9. Implement green areas.
  10. They don’t use more water than necessary.
  11. Sometimes, they offer transportation for their employees to avoid traveling by car with only one person.

Green companies should have the following principles:

  1. Governance
  2. Social 
  3. Environmental

One of the examples of green companies are coffee companies, since they are forced to have the characteristics and principles mentioned above, and in relation to this, each of them is described as follows:

It is said that every four years, federated coffee growers elect union leaders who will represent them annually before the coffee growers’ federation, an instance in which the objectives of the sector are set and recommendations are issued to address the most relevant aspects faced by coffee growers.

As a social principle, it can be communicated that the Coffee Federation has as its main axis the well-being of the coffee grower and his family, programs and projects focused on the empowerment and leadership of women coffee growers, closing the generation gap with young coffee growers, and improving housing with the support of government entities.

Environmental Principle in the Coffee Industry:

  1. Natural exuberance present in the diversity of birds and species of birds and fauna
  2. Diversity of ecosystems and nature reserves
  3. The coffee industry is the axis of development and identity of many regions
  4. Protection of the environment and pride in archaeological wealth.

Sustainability is all of us

It is important to lead projects that promote culture and the preservation of biodiversity and to communicate to all collaborators that sustainability is in our hands and we make them part of this beautiful challenge, training and teaching on this subject.